rhythm menagerie manipulationsThe free worksheets are below, but if you are searching for a reliable way of improving your students’ rhythm, please take a look at Rhythm Menagerie and Rhythm Manipulations today! Rhythm Menagerie is an exciting, reproducible resource that features fun activities to explore new rhythmic concepts. Rhythm Menagerie is much more than just a set of your typical clapping exercises!  Each unit showcases a unique animal and often incorporates some of the fun antics of that animal in the student’s activities. Students will learn about the crazy looking Tarsier, the beautiful Wingtipped Nightjar, the Jerboa Jumping Mouse, the Javan Flying Frog and much more!  This 92 page resource is guaranteed to be much more exciting than these select exercises!

Dotted Quarter Notes

Rhythm Cup Explorations Holiday EditionDotted Quarter Notes – LH steady

Eighth Notes 1

Eighth Notes 2

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Eighth Notes 2-Handed 1 (Can be used as duet too!)

Eighth Notes 2-Handed 2 (Can be used as duet too!)

Eighth Notes 2-Handed 3 (Can be used as duet too!)

Hemiola 1

Hemiola 2

Level A Rhythms

Level 1 Rhythms

Level 2 Rhythms

rhythm cup explorations

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Level 3 Rhythms

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Rhythm and Beat Duet

Polyrhythm Exercise

Six Eight Timing Level 1

Six Eight Timing Level 2

Sixteenth Notes


Triple Time 1

Random rhythm drills are killing practice

You must know the truth!

Triple Time 2

Triple Time 3

Triple Time 4 (Eighths)

Triple Time 5 (Eighths plus rests)

Triple Time 6 (Eighths plus rests)


Triplet and Eighths