Rhythm Menagerie

RM1 Coil Bind Back Shadow_NewRhythm Menagerie is the first book in an exciting, reproducible PDF series that features fun and intriguing activities to explore new rhythmic concepts rather than boring rhythm worksheets. Rhythm Menagerie is much more than just a set of your typical clapping exercises!  Each unit showcases a unique animal and often incorporates some of the fun antics of that animal in the student’s activities. Students will learn about the crazy looking Tarsier, the beautiful Wing-tipped Nightjar, the Jerboa Jumping Mouse, the Javan Flying Frog and much more!

Rhythm Menagerie is designed to take away distractions like note reading so that students can focus on learning new rhythms.  This 96 page PDF resource is a comprehensive approach to teaching and practicing rhythm and can be used alongside any method and in both private lessons, groups, and in the classroom!  The reproducible rhythm worksheets are designed to be musical rhythms that are fun and have a groove rather than just random exercises. Each unit contains:

  • 1 introductory page explaining and experimenting with the concept
  • 3 one line rhythm pages (progressing carefully in order of difficulty)
  • 3 two-handed rhythm pages (helping with coordination)
  • 3 “Fun with Sounds” pages
  • 1 amazingly beautiful certificate of completion!

Classroom Edition:

RM1C Unit 1_1_SampleRhythm Menagerie Classroom Edition works great in large group settings like the classroom and group lessons because the activities on each introductory page can be completed on any instrument. The introductory pages of each unit are the only way that the classroom edition differs from the piano edition. The piano edition’s introductory pages have instructions specific to the piano and the classroom’s instructions can be used on any instrument (including voice, brass, strings, and piano). See the sample to the right.

What edition should I get if I teach piano in large groups AND piano lessons?

I would suggest the classroom edition. You will probably never know what you are missing in the piano edition as the introductory pages’ instructions in the classroom edition can be completed on any instrument.

Can I display this on my promethean board?

Yes. You can display it as you would any PDF. The beauty of receiving this as a PDF is that you can show any page on an iPad, computer, or other devices in high digital quality

International Edition:

If you are a teacher who uses terms like crotchet, minim, breve, quaver, etc. instead of quarter, half note, whole note, or eighth, then the Rhythm Menagerie International Edition is what you should purchase!

Here are a few pages for you to see the difference (note the names of the note values in the title):

RM1 Classroom_Unit 1_IntVersion_002      RM1 Classroom_Unit 3_IntVersion_007


  • Level: Early elementary to early intermediate
  • Format: 96 reproducible pages which comes as a PDF
  • Concepts covered: quarter, half, whole, dotted half, quarter and half rests, eighths, eighth rests and dotted quarters
  • Each unit contains: 1 introductory page, 3 levels of one line rhythms, 3 levels of 2-hand rhythms, and 3 fun with sounds pages. 8 units in all!
  • Format: Instant PDF download

Buying options:

Rhythm Menagerie - Elementary rhythm worksheetsPiano edition (North America)
$34.99 and reproducible

Piano edition (International – terms like crotchet, minum)
$34.99 and reproducible

Classroom edition (North America)
$34.99 and reproducible

Classroom edition (International)
$34.99 and reproducible

Rhythm Menagerie and Rhythm Manipulations - rhythm worksheetsBUNDLE: Menagerie and Manipulations (Piano – North America)
Save $5 by buying the 1st and 2nd book in the series together!
$69.98  $64.98 and reproducible

BUNDLE: Menagerie and Manipulations (Piano – International)
Save $5 by buying the 1st and 2nd book in the series together!
$69.98  $64.98 and reproducible

BUNDLE: Menagerie and Manipulations (Classroom – North America)
Save $5 by buying the 1st and 2nd book in the series together!
$69.98  $64.98 and reproducible

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Rhythm Menagerie - rhythm worksheets for music class and piano lessons

Click for samples:

Book 2:

Rhythm Manipulations - Reproducible rhythm worksheets for teaching rhythm to teens


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