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Rhythm Cup Explorations

Learn MoreRhythm Cup Exporations Coil Bind TestYour students know all about the cups craze. Wow them with this hot new reproducible rhythm resource!
This is really a huge learning tool and lots of fun! EVERY elementary school should have this as a precursor to their band programs.
Sheree Naquin, Piano Teacher
My piano students LOVE it!
Cherri, Piano Teacher
I can’t say enough about how much I love this! My students begged me for more, and since it’s reproducible, I gladly sent them home with several sheets to practice!
Keri, Independent Music Teacher
This is awesome!!!
Adrienne, Independent Music Teacher
I tried this today and it went over BIG! Thanks Wendy!
Julie, Independent Music Teacher
I ordered my Cups rhythm curriculum today and used it with several students this afternoon. We all agree. It’s AWESOME!!!
Heather, Independent Music Teacher
I found out that my students are talking about this while they are at school…how cool is that!?

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